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Cuban Roach     Panchlora nivea

Cuban roaches are bright to pale green in the adult stage for both male and female, while nymphs are dark brown.

¾-1 inch in length

Cuban roaches are attracted to light and are generally strong flyers. This roach does not normally invade or nest inside homes, and is therefore considered a minor pest.

The Cuban cockroach, also called the green banana cockroach, is an outdoor tropical species. They can be found in woodpiles, shrubbery, trees, and plant leaves. Nymphs can be found in leaf litter and debris. Cuban roach encounters are likely to occur in homes in rural, wooded areas.

The Cuban cockroach is found along the Southeast Gulf Coast from Florida to Texas, but it is more commonly seen in Florida. It lives among piles of leaves, mulch, lumber piles, firewood piles and similar outdoor harborages. Homes located on wooded lots may be more prone to encounters with this species

Since Cuban cockroaches are attracted to light and are also good fliers, keeping outdoor lights off when not in use, as well as using lower-wattage light bulbs, may help to discourage their presence. Scattering wood, lumber and leaf or debris piles will also keep this, and many other, cockroach species from nesting. It may be attracted to a home from neighboring fields or property. Changing exterior lighting to yellow "bug" lights can help reduce the number of cockroaches attracted to a building, as can simply keeping lights turned off. It is also important to seal as many exterior cracks as possible, and to ensure that all foundation and attic vents have tight-fitting screens. 

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