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Knowledge is usually the first best step to solving a problem or issue. We hope our customers and visitors are able to obtain some basic knowledge and understanding with the information we supply to you here. This resource and service is intended to be a basic starting point and a beginning step. We have put together information related to the most common pests and issues a customer may run into in the Library,  divided by pest type and then select the specific insect the problem concerns but by no means should this be considered an exhaustive one-stop knowledge shop. Feel free to use this information as it suits your needs, but please contact us with any specific questions or problems.  


Stink Bug


In this Resource section you will find several public domain texts that can be either downloaded or read directly from our site. Hopefully these texts can be an additional value in knowledge. For younger children with inquisitive minds we recommend they explore 'pest world' for a great learning expreience and it's good for teachers also.

Many kids are just fascinated by 'bugs' and often have all kinds of questions about them. Here is a site (created and supported by the National Pest Management Association) especially designed for kids, teachers, and young students to help with all those inquiring minds .....   Pest World is a good starting place for young children to become familiar with a subject many adults just can't stand. Please explore this site with your kids and see just how much they ( and you! ) learn.


Take a look at our weather pest advice guide. This guide will give you tips on what you can expect and look for due to our wonderful & sometimes tempermental weather conditions.  


Hope Not Hype  by I.A.A.S.T.D.


IPM for Northeast Schools  by N.R.A.E.S.


Pesticides - Formulations - Effects - Fate   by M. Stoytcheva


The Pest Animal Problem - by W.C. Jacobsen


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