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Rover Ants

Rover ants are yellow-blonde to dark brown in color, with the abdomen appearing swollen or humped at the front end.

Range from 1/16-inch to 1/12-inch in length.

Rover ants can often be seen running excitedly running up and down vertical objects in yards, such as blades of grass, chairs, and fence posts, and are sometimes confused with crazy ants due to their movement.

Rover ants are common in woods and other natural settings, as well as around buildings. Outside, they often nest in soil or decaying wood. In buildings they prefer areas with high moisture and are often associated with bathrooms or plumbing or structural leaks. They nest in small, single-queen colonies, usually with many colonies in a single area. They feed on proteins and sweets, especially honeydew from aphids, etc.

Unique Characteristics:
Male Rover ants are often small enough to fit through mosquito screening – they may not even appear to look like ants due to their small size and straight antennae.

Keeping tree branches and bushes from touching the exterior walls of homes or buildings tends to work well in controlling indoor infestations. Eliminating honeydew-producing insects from houseplants may also be beneficial due to the Rover ants fondness for sweets.

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