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Twig Ants

Elongate Twig ants are bi-colored orange-black or red and brown. They also have large, prominent eyes.

Range from 5/16-inch to 2/5-inch in length.

Elongate Twig ants are large, slender, solitary ants that are often seen on vegetation, and nest in twigs, plant cavities and in dead plants. They have small colonies and more than a few individuals are rarely seen.

They will often fall from bushes or trees onto humans or picnic tables. They are noticed when they inflict their painful sting when trapped under clothing. Elongate twig ants feed on other insects and honeydew from aphids.

Elongate Twig ants have single queen nests, which contain few individuals. They nest in hollow twigs and dried grasses barely wide enough for two or three ants to pass one another, and are usually placed high up in large trees. They are seldom found indoors.

Unique Characteristics:
Elongate Twig ants have been seen making short, jerking movements like wasps and can be seen beating their antennae repeatedly. They have large, obvious eyes, and are sometimes called “Halloween ants” due to their orange and black markings.

Since elongate twig ants are often found on and around vegetation, it is a good idea to prune or cut back any trees or branches that touch the outside of the home or that hang above walkways or over picnic tables. Keep shrubs, grass and bushes trimmed on a regular basis.

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